Deck up your Curves

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For the women all wrapped in and secluded in narrow fashion den, there is a lot that I can advise about and the market has to offer for the curvaceous women. Sizes like L, XL and XXL are common in all ages and you ladies must not worry about the less beautiful you look because of the big size. Though a good diet and fit body is a must recommended and harms none, at times there are reasons beyond food that convert size M to XL. But why to hide behind layers of dark loose clothes and ignore the way you actually feel being clogged in hideous wardrobe. I personally feel curvy and big size women have the best faces, may be because the glow is never fading on their face. I call them beautiful and there is a lot that you may find in fashion market to give proper character to your body. Quit black often, it is not a dark room where you may hide assume all curves distinguish.  Go for more colours; opt for shades that suit the season and your skin tone. Not necessarily  very bright, eye catching ones but maroons, cream, peach, green, etc  are very sober and blending hues. You must never hide in layers, don wear a loose shirt, than a looser jacket and over that a long scarf, this makes you look like a Black Magic Queen! A smart jacket with proper fit shirt shapes your waist and good bottom is good to go. You already have large circumference around hip, thighs or in waist area, further adding heaps of clothes onto it will make you rounder.  The most usable are the diagrammatical design trends in market; I mean the vertical patterns, more straight and long cuts.  This includes tunics (knee length), long evening gowns as they hide most of the discomforting area and vertical pattern in smart formal shirts or even casual attires makes you look less round. There is this mystery with jeggings, skinny jeans or narrow fit bottoms; well I would suggest wearing it! Though it enhances your thighs and hips but carrying it in the right way and the look you will put on is almost right. You may wear long length but good fit shirts or tees with skinny bottoms focusing on the face, neck and shoulder, as those are the best parts. Do not shy away from heels, that little increase in height on you will only add glam to your personality; wedges and thick base heels are comfortable and stylish. Never ignore your face and wear the right make up. Being heavy on the body doesn’t snatch away the beauty that is bestowed from within, so no shabby looking hair and face.  Accessorise with less chunky pieces and go for luxury metals, least tight and broader belts, wear multi colours in scarf and wear them in single pieces. Do not shy away from looking your everyday best and always choose comfort over fear.  It’s good to change and adorn up your curves with good fashion. It’s a personal choice how to and when to shed the big size, till then keep looking beautiful.

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