Dramatic Costume Inspired Gowns and Dresses

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Today fashion derives inspiration from many sources and creates fabulous designs. From regular women to elite celebrities we see women from all over the world experimenting with fashion, pushing the envelope and trying out new fashions that become instant hits. One of the key inspirations of fashion is literature and drama. Dramatic designs have been inspired from theatre and the world of entertainment for decades now. Designers use this work of art as inspiration to create modern and edgy every day wear clothes that then become popular with fashion forward women from all over the world. The following are some of the examples of dramatic costume inspired gowns and dresses that are fabulously fashionable:Inspired Gowns and Dresses Dramatic Costume Inspired Gowns and Dresses •    For every day wear, dresses with skirts inspired from ballet skirts look really pretty. A nice blouse with a ballet inspired skirt and shoes look classy and casual at the same time. •    Corsets have been a part of historical theatre that give a dramatic effect. Dresses with corset tops and fitted pencil skirts look fabulous on women who have a slim figure. Corset tops with short skirts and high heels look really fabulous at parties and night outs. They look stylish with flared skirts as well. •    Another trendy fashion that takes inspiration from drama is the Peter Pan collar. The Peter Pan collar is seen in blouses and dresses to give a dramatic look that is super chic. •    Celebrities try and wear dramatic fancy gowns at major red carpet events. The most popular type of dramatic gown is the princess dress with a princess neckline and a full flowing skirt. •    Dramatic dresses and fascinators are seen at formal events, royal weddings and derbies all across the world. This is a great chance for women to wear dramatic dresses and gowns. Women take inspiration from floral designs, use feathers and also use different inspirations from the surroundings to create fabulous fascinators for a dramatic splashy look to the dresses and gowns. •    Many times historical costumes have some amazing fashion inspirations. These fashions are made more modern by fashion designers to create a look that has a combination of edgy modern look and historical elegance. •    If the gowns and dresses that you wear look plain and without any drama, adding statement jewelry is a grand idea. Statement jewelry and chunky bold jewelry is a major fashion these days and it gives a truly expensive dramatic look to the dresses and gowns.

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