Dramatic Gowns in Style in 2015

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Dramatic and elegant gowns are a perfect choice for a major party or event when the occasion demands a woman to look truly fabulous. Dramatic gowns are often stylish, edgy, bold and over the top. These are seen at galas, award shows, movie premiers and major events.  There is plenty of scope for creativity and bold colors when it comes to dramatic gowns. The following are some of the types of styles and designs that are very much popular when it comes to dramatic yet stylish and elegant gowns: Dramatic Gowns in Style in 2015: •    One of the easiest ways to create a dramatic effect for a gown is to have a train behind it. A nice flowing gown with a longish train makes the movement of the gown look dramatic and chic. A train can be part of a gown that has a full skirt or a figure hugging one. Also another variation to this design is adding an over the top large bow in the back with its sashes trailing in the background. •    Though the dramatic effect can be got with figure hugging dresses as well, there is something about a full skirt of a gown that makes it look fairytale like and very feminine and dramatic. Chic designs that incorporate the full skirt pattern into gown makes the gown look interesting. A great idea for a full skirt dramatic gown type dress is wearing a full ankle length skirt that has a high waist pattern and wearing a stylish crop top with that skirt. This skirt-blouse look gives a dramatic gown type effect and is modern and edgy yet dramatic with a slight retro inspiration. •    If you are looking to be bold with your gown design and want an edgy look then either going for a plunging neckline or even going for a high slit in the dress that shows off the leg in a stylish yet non provocative kind of a way is a great idea. •    If the gown has to be made dramatic with color and embellishments, then going for vibrant colors or some great contrasting colors together makes sense. With embellishments, shiny sequins and stones are a great idea around the neckline, on the waist or in the skirt of the gown. They make the entire outfit shine and look glamorous. Dramatic gowns make a great statement and make the women look truly beautiful and elegant if worn properly according to the fashion.

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