Dress as per your body type

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Everybody has a body type. This body type might be different for everyone.

We all want to look flawless but we are under the wrong impression that only slim bodies are the perfect body types and that is the body which could look flawless in any dress type. Anybody can look flawless if it is understood and dressed accordingly. Dress Per Your Body Type

There are 4 kinds of body types:
• Apply body

• Pear body

• Rectangular body

• Hourglass body

To understand how to dress up first understand your body type.

1. Apple body- this is a types where the bust is 3 or more inches bigger than the hips. They have slimmer legs and arms but wider shoulders. They have a heavier upper body and slimmer lower body. It is very easy to identify an apple boy.

2. Pear body- a pear body is a total opposite of apple body. People with a pear body have slimmer upper portion and heavier bottom portion and even the shoulders are narrower. These types are considered to be the most curvaceous so one can easily identify a pear body.

3. Rectangular or straight body- as the name suggests, people having rectangular have lesser curves and have straighter body. The rib cage area mostly defines this type because of less curves the waist area is straighter. In some cases these people could have a little bit of curves and heavy upper body.

4. Hourglass body- these types are a sort of rare phenomenon. In such a case the bust and hip measurements are near about same along with a narrow waist. If a person has slightly fuller body and wide shoulders then her body type will also be considered as hourglass.

Dressing up

1. People with apple body type could wear shirts or V- neck tops and should concentrate more on flared pants rather than skinny ones.

2. People with pear body type should wear tops that accentuate the shoulders and avoid pants that make your legs look narrower.

3. People with rectangular body should wear bright colors on the bottom. They could even wear belts to accentuate the curves and use frills to add volume to their body,

4. People with hourglass body needs to balance their upper and lower body. Go for v- neck clothing. A belt can come in handy too to exaggerate the curves.


These are the 4 typical types of body types and it is important to dress up according to your type.

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