Drop Down Make up

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Make upI totally agree to the fact that we women in our daily routine have to deck our face and body and still keep it healthy both inside and outside. Because of pollution, heat and age factors, it’s not always advisable to pat make up every day. But we have to hide dark circles and little flaws here and there when stepping out. So what is the solution? Well make up doesn’t always mean red lips, rosy cheek and polished skin tone.  The art of makeup can be used to give you the nude and no-make up look that is not only very trendy in summers but also gives you the chance to explore a different make up. What is the nude and no-make up look all about? The going ‘nude with makeup’ is widely adopted where you opt for pastel colours and less glossy base. The look demands great definition of features and have a control on over doing the face. The no makeup is same, you can even skip the base altogether and substitute it with some BB cream or tint based sunscreen. The entire drop down look which literally means dropping down makeup should highlight your best features and not out of the bed look. How to embrace it? The first tip is to know your skin tone well. Choose a matt base foundation not the regular party one. Matt finish will help to subtle the entire look, apply it after blending with your moisturiser and keep it to minimum. For the eyes, shape your eyebrows, if used to eye shadow, use a shade slightly darker than your skin tone and stay far away from bold colours.  You may choose fine black kohl stroke and not much filing; also brown eye pencil to fill area underneath the lids will help you to define your eyes.  Brush light stroke of mascara, this will make your eyes stand out even though you have not added any glamour art to it. Pack up your strong lip colours and embrace soft pink and peaches.  The bland nude colour lips are also very famous especially for day wear. Keeping the blusher away, maybe a hint of bronze will do but let your clear matte skin tone come out and not covered under a blush. This also helps you to get over the addiction of rosy cheeks. If you find the look too dull for you, try adding some shimmer on the eye corners or little glossy light lip colour. The no makeup look works on your inner beauty. You can get away with this only after adopting a skin ritual. Exfoliate gently, use a mild cleanser and toner, work on your dark circles and pigmentation, and drink lots of water and exercise. The skin should be healthy and glowing, only then you can skip make up. When I mean skipping make up, it includes no base, blush and eye shadow. But simple kohl stroke and neat lip colour. This look is often adopted by celebrities when off their shoots and shows. They are able to carry it because of an excellent skin care routine. Before trying out drop-down make up look, keep a check on your skin flaws and how to work on them.

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