E-Fashion Disasters to Avoid

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I really don’t reckon if online fashion sites are really umpteen with the latest trends and wearable stock that is available in the bazaars. Nothing can beat aching feet and smiling pretty faces after some core shopping but I believe the smart shopper is not pacified with the virtual shop. Sure, there are some good advantages of “e-shopping” like saving time and avoiding the heat, here, I am more inclined towards the mistakes “e-shopping” leads make you do unknowingly. If just focusing on the clothing range, no matter how tempting the discount offer is, it’s not fair to your wallet. Reason being the discounts are mere attractions at times, inclusion of shipments and taxes is equal (at times over & above) the total market price. Some may forego the shipments but then the products are not always at par with quality. Secondly, the wearer’s knows where it pinches, thus when you buy clothes without trials you can’t judge the material, quality and fit. Addressing misfits or defected pieces, asking for returns and paybacks is a waste of time and frustrating post purchase. There is plastic money involved or cash-on-delivery modes for e-shopping. Though debit or credit card automated purchases are labelled safer and secure but only for few reliable sites. Once you feed your essentials details, it’s a blind faith that the information will not be saved by the website. You are vulnerable to any online scam if the website from where you shopped is a fraud one. So a lot of reliability and trust is required by the customer to the seller. The “easy expense mode” it encourages lashes out free hand to shop beyond control. Shopping online can be an addiction when you have to just use your free time and plastic money which pinches less than cash, a proven psyche fact. The  reckless shopping, instant payments and luring coupons imbalances your savings and also lacks gratification for the customer. Bulk buying is a major attraction and a deep pit where we tend to fall and it over stocks our wardrobe. Buy only what you require and not its imitation just because it’s at lower rates. Touch, try and bargain are three factors unavailable with online shopping that makes it indecisive for core value-for-money shoppers like me.

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