Endure Some Exciting Lip Colours

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Taking a leaf from last year fashion parade, I am regaled to share some exciting lip colours that are making news. If you are not the one who puts bright colours in her vanity than there is much that you are missing out. To all those who are already bored with the usual lip colour palette, dare to catch onto to some of the unexpected international lip colours. lady in black dresslady in pink Go for popping colours. Rainbow and neon shades are already a fascinating trend lurching from last year. Thus some great popping lip colours looks great with trendy summer dresses. Colours like orange, peach, pink, red and raspberry are best that make your summer trendy lip stand out. The colours are very bright and thus a matte sheen or velvet finish will add the required subtleness on face. The cool effect given by popping lip colours makes it the right choice for summers. The nude make up look, compliments your bright lips and there is no reason to shy away from them. lady in crownlady in darl lipslady in pink lips The Classy red is doing rounds in the fashion market and is here to stay longer. Red lips have been my favourite and is an inspiration in itself. It’s the vintage colour and yet looks pretty on all ages. From the A-listers to the street girl red lips is in limelight for only good reasons. It’s suiting all skins and defines your lips nicely. Try it out, break the reluctance and get gorgeous red lips. Update your lipstick palette with some brick colours; it’s a sober alternate to reds and browns. Hues like rose, caramel, salmon, coral, velvet purple and hazel are a great pick if you like it simple yet noticeable. It belongs to the category of soft yet dark colours that brighten your eyes and minimal blush will do just wonders to your night party look. These are not very striking colours and apt for working women plus suitable to all skin tones.  So enhance on of the most beautiful frater on your face.

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