Environmentally Friendly Household Products

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environmentally There is a great emphasis on being eco friendly these days, which means living our regular lives in a way that does not hurt the environment. This has become particularly important in the last few decades as there has been a significant and visible harm created towards the environment due to human activities. This has resulted in many harmful impacts on the environment like pollution, depletion of ozone layer, climate change, and change in weather patterns as well as global warming. If every individual does his or her bit to protect the environment and be more environmentally friendly, then we together can make a difference. The best place to start this effort is at home by buying more environmentally friendly products. Environmentally Friendly Household Products A great way to do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint is to buy environmentally friendly household products. Nowadays many companies sell environmentally friendly products in almost every household products category. The following are examples of few of the household products that can be environmentally friendly: •    Energy Star Products are electronic products that ensure energy efficiency and have been qualified under the guidelines of Energy Star which is a government rating given to environmentally friendly products. •     Also using LED lights or CFL light bulbs as compared to regular conventional lights as they last longer, are more energy efficient and do not generate heat. •    Nowadays there are many household cleaning products available in the market that are environmentally friendly as they use very little or no chemicals in them. •    Also trying to minimize the use of short term plastic products like plastic bags, plastic cling films, plastic containers and replacing these items with environmentally safe household products is a good idea. •    Many people like to use furniture made of recycled material so that new material is not used and wasted. If you want new furniture a great option is to buy furniture from a company that sources its wood and other furniture material in a sustainable way. •    Besides these there are many small innovative products that are available in stores and also online that can be bought to live a more eco friendly life. Environmentally friendly paints for the walls of the house with zero or less VOCs will ensure that the harmful VOCs do not harm the human beings or the environment. Thus many products can be used in the household that are environmentally friendly.

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