Essentials in the Makeup Drawer

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Most women do not leave the house to go out without at least a minimum amount of makeup to look presentable and stylish. All women are beautiful in their own way, but makeup helps a woman look her best. Makeup has the power to transform the way a woman looks and the latest makeup products are a must have in a woman’s vanity drawer today. Some of the products are developed in a way that they make the makeup look natural yet glamorous. The following are some of the essential products that a woman must have in her makeup drawers. Essentials in the Makeup Drawer •    Some of the makeup drawer essentials are the tools required for the makeup. This includes a set of brushes that are specifically designed for various makeup products. For example, eyelash brushes, eye shadow brush, lip color brushes, blush-on brush among others. There are makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes for various applications of makeup that help in applying makeup. •    Other makeup tools include, mascara applier, eyebrow tweezer and eyelash curler. These tools are essential in a makeup drawer. •    A good foundation for the makeup is an important component of makeup. BB and CC Creams which are creams with foundation in it give a natural foundation look. Also having a good concealer and primer for the base is a good idea. •    A wide range of lipsticks and lip colors are essential in a makeup drawer. Use lip colors and lipsticks of top brands and trendy colors. The classic shades of lipstick that have to be there in a makeup drawer are shades of red, shades of pink, shades of purple, shades of orange, nude colors and darker shades of browns and maroons. A collection of both matte finish and glossy lip colors and lipsticks is a good idea. •    Similarly when it comes to blushers classic colors like red, orange, pink, nude and shades of beige and brown are a good idea. •    A great idea is to pick out two three eye shadow sets that have a wide range of colors from funky neon colors to traditional colors in variety. Pick out a set with classic shades as well as shimmery colors and shades. •    Eye makeup is important. If you ask top celebrities about their favorite makeup products many would say mascara. Mascara with volume and bold color is an essential in the makeup drawer. Another essential is eye liner and Kohl or Kajal. The above mentioned products are essentials when it comes to a makeup drawer collection.

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