European Fashion Trends – 2014

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Europe is a leading continent when it comes to fashion. Most of the international fashion houses are located in cities like Milan and Paris. The Mediterranean region is also one of the most stylish places on the planet. In 2014 also there are some major fashion trends that have been followed by Europeans. European fashions are fun, stylish and super chic. The following are some of the stylish European fashion trends that are in vogue this year: European Fashion Trends 2014 •    European Fashion is elegant yet super stylish. This means that one must attempt to look super stylish yet not be overdressed for a casual occasion. •    Shorter pants that end above the ankle are very popular in Europe at the moment. This is true for jeans as well as stylish trouser pants. Also the short pants that have become stylish are all properly fitted pants and not loose jeans or trousers. •    High heels go perfectly well with pants that end just above the ankle as they can be seen prominently and look absolutely stunning and stylish. •    Another popular European fashion is the flared skirt. There are a variety of options available with the flared skirt fashion. The flared skirt can be a short skirt, a skirt that ends just below the knees or it can be of knee length. •    These flared skirts can be worn in black or white or any summery color like orange, red, green or yellow to look bright yet stunning. Also floral prints with flared skirts look really nice and many European women are been spotted wearing them. These flared skirts look particularly great if they are high waist flared skirts. •    Floral prints, polka dots, stripes and plain without print outfits are very stylish in the Spring/Summer of 2014. •    Another popular European style that is also in vogue all over the world is fitted jackets. Not just black and white in color, these type of jackets can be worn in different colors and instantly stylize the outfit. •    The “Peter Pan” Collar is another hot trend in Europe right now as it looks cute and chic at the same time. European Fashions in 2014 are all about comfort and style. There are some distinct trends in fashion this year as mentioned above and like always Europe is global leader in fashion. Trends that have become popular in Europe have later travelled the world and become popular all over the world.

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