Evolution of Nail Paints

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Nail paints are an essential part of makeup and have been so for many decades now. Nail paint, as you know is a lacquer that can be applied to nails on the fingers and toes to decorate them and also sometimes to protect the nails. Nail paint is available in various different colors, shades and also in transparent polish and glossy glittery colors. Nowadays Nail Art is very popular among women all over the world. Nail art is designs that are drawn on the nails using nail polish and embellishments. But since when have women been using nail paints to make their nails look beautiful? The following are some of the facts on the evolution of nail paints:Nail Paints Evolution of Nail Paint: •    Nail Paints or painting the nails has been done for a very long time. Nail polish dates back to 3000 BC, which is roughly more than 5000 years ago in China. Nail paint using various different ingredients was worn in the Zhou Dynasty and later the Ming Dynasty in China. •    In Egypt also there is historical evidence of people using nail polish. In the 9th Century AD, people use to use scented red oils to add a tint to their nails. •    Nail Polish became particularly popular in the 20th century when fashion became an important aspect of an average women’s life and nail paint played an important part in it. Today women from all across the world wear nail paint and many go often to the salon to get their nails done with a beautiful manicure. The classic French Manicure and the traditional colors like red, pink or shades of purple were very popular among women in the 20th century. •    In the 21st century, nail painting has seen some major innovation and changes. Nail art has recently become very popular all over the world today and the designs keep changing according to the latest trends and fashions. Major salons today hire nail art artists who can create absolutely stunning designs with nail paints and embellishments for the customers. •    Ombre nails, meaning using various different shades of the same color in the nail paint design is also very popular these days. One has to simply choose the color and then paint different shades of the color from light to dark, from the start of the nail to the tip of the nail. Nail paints fashion has seen a major evolution since it was first used thousands of years ago.

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