Eyebrows for every face shape

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Eyebrows are a very important part of every person’s face and looks. The right kind of eyebrows can make you look attractive and stunning naturally and the wrong shape of your eyebrows can make your beautiful face not so attractive. Models and people in fashion industry are very possessive about their eyebrows and same goes for you. It’s possible that you have been living each day with the wrong shape of your eyebrows. 

Let’s understand a bit about eyebrows and our face.

Types of face structures
• Oval face shape
• Round face shape
• Long face shape
• Square face shape
• Heart face shape
• Diamond face shape
Determine your face structure

1. Oval face shape- people with oval face shape have a face of the shape of egg. The forehead is wider than the chin and you have visible cheekbones and you have a narrow oval skin. A bit inclined eyebrow looks fabulous on them.

2. Round face shape- as the name suggests, the face is round in shape. It is wide and long and it is widest at the cheeks. Your face might look fuller and fluffier a bit. A narrow and highly deep A shaped eyebrow looks stunning.

3. Long face shape- people with long face shape have forehead, jaw line and cheekbones of almost the same width. These people have a narrow oval chin which looks very graceful. The long face looks extremely attractive with sharp features. A straight line eyebrow looks fantastic on them.

4. Square face shape- Just like long face shape, square face shape people have cheekbones, jaw line and forehead of almost same width and the jaw line is square in shape which is a very obvious feature. The eyebrow just as same as oval face shape looks stunning on these people.

5. Heart face shape- the heart face shape is a bit similar to oval face shape. The basic difference is that the chin tapers to a particular point. Heart shape face looks quite stunning and attractive because the chin makes all the difference. Again the eyebrows just like oval shape with look great.

6. Diamond face shape- diamond face shape is quite different from other face shapes. The face type is typically angular. In diamond shape, the forehead is shorter and the face is wider at the cheekbones. Diamond shape is different and quite attractive. A highly inclined A shape will look great on them.


Eyebrows need to be perfectly shaped and worked out for good looks.

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