Fall Accessories & Jewelry Trends

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One of the most exciting aspects of fashion is accessories and jewelry. We love to buy and wear the latest accessories and jewelry that will make the entire look shine. Clothing fashions are incomplete without the right accessories and jewelry to match the clothes. Whether it is a party, a formal event or just a casual everyday chore, having the right accessories and jewelry can make all the difference. The following are some of the accessories and jewelry trends on Fall 2014. Fall 2014: Accessories • When it comes to bags, leather bags are totally stylish this Fall. Leather is making a fashion comeback on the whole in fashion and this is part of the trend. As leather is a fashion trend, leather gloves and other leather accessories are in fashion. • Purses and clutches with patterns and multicolored designs are totally hot this Fall. Trendy funky patterns, tribal designs, glitter and buckle belts are very fashionable with purses, bags and clutches in the Fall of 2014. • Tote bags, trunk style clutches and stylish backpacks are all in fashion this Fall. The drawstrings backpack is back in fashion this Fall season. • Hats are in fashion. Bowler hats, beanies or even large hats look very stylish if they are worn with the right kind of clothes this Fall season. Fall 2014: Jewelry • Bold statement jewelry is in fashion. Chunky jewelry looks great in the fall because it compliments that slightly darker and plainer clothes as compared to the summer styles. • When it comes to necklaces, large chunky chains are very popular. Wearing beaded multicolored necklaces with casual clothes gives a nice bohemian style to fashion. Colors like teal, light and dark orange, red and green look good in beaded necklaces. Tribal and ethnic designs in beaded jewelry add an extra element to the jewelry making it more appealing. • Another trend in necklaces is wearing many necklaces together. If you are going for a 20’s style theme party, wearing long pearl necklaces will work wonders. • Bold bracelets with large gemstones make the entire style of the ensemble look fashionable. • Another trend in jewelry for earring, necklaces and bracelets is geometrical patterns and designs. • Large dangling chandelier earrings with multicolored gemstones are perfect for the Fall this year. Chunky hoops are also very fashionable. Fall is a season in which you can experiment with accessory and jewelry fashions. Wearing a nice outfit with the right kind of accessories and jewelry is important to look stylish.

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