Fall Fashion Trends of 2014

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After the hot and sweltering summer months it is exciting to have a change in the weather and the season. Fashionista’s have a great new season to experiment with the latest fashions of a new season. That’s right; Fall season is a time that completely changes your wardrobe to suit the fashions of a changing season weather wise and fashion wise. After the Spring/Summer months Fall gives fashion lovers a great opportunity to completely redo the wardrobe and sport the latest styles of the season. The following are some of the key trends that can be very popular this Fall Fashion season of 2014: Fashion Trends – Fall 2014: •    Darker earthy tones are perfect for the fall season. Colors like dark yellows, burnt oranges, browns, greys, maroons, purples, darker shades of blues and reds are all in fashion this season. Black and white are the classic colors that work well together this season. Also different shades of grey are very popular this fall as they go well with the environment of fall. •    Color blocking is a trend that will continue from the spring/summer season into the fall. However use darker colors in the fall for color blocking this fall. •    Fall is a time when there is a good amount of breeze in the air so wearing layers becomes fashionable again in the fall. •    Fall is a time for minimalistic fashions that shine and are elegant but chic. Knitted sweaters in darker colors and white, calf length skirts and fashionable trousers are all part of the fall fashions in 2014. •    Denim works really well in Fall. Blue denim jeans can be paired with white or cream color tops and boots. Ankle length fitted trousers with a gorgeous pair of high heels in darker tones look really classic and stylish in Fall 2014. •    High boots are amazing for this season and go well with fitted jeans and trousers. •    Leopard prints are popular especially with accessories, shoes and scarves. Also among prints horizontal stripes are very popular this season. Horizontal stripes in black and white are particularly fashionable this fall. •    Leather, swede and woolen are materials in style during this season. Leather in handbags and boots is in vogue while knitted warm clothing is perfect for the fall season that can be made to look really fashionable. After the heat and color of the summer, this contrasting style of fall definitely makes a great fashion statement and brings the element of change in fashion.

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