Fall Fashions: Oversized and Layered Clothing

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The weather is cooling down and women are flocking to their favorite retail stores to get ready for the long and cold winter ahead. When it comes to fashion the favorite season has always been the fall as there is something about the lush fabrics, rich colors and layered dressing that has always been appealing. This season the oversized layered fashion essentials every woman should own and follow will make a unique style statement of stylish wardrobe for Fall this season of 2013. Some Layering Tips The time for piling on with clothes has arrived. Some of the most flattering coats make you feel elegant and completely modern. Many women are afraid to layer their clothes for fear of looking bigger than they actually are. While logic would lead one to believe that this claim is true but if you’ve mastered the art of layering this is far from the truth. A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette. Keep the under layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim. If you’re concerned about your waistline then try to top off your look with something stylishly belted. Length and proportion is the key when layering. Play with texture to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look. If you use all of the same fabrics, your look will come off as heavy. Start with a basic lightweight top like a solid, something neutral or striped. Add another layer such as a soft cardigan or a sweater. If you’re into color, this can be a great opportunity to mix in a neon bold pullover to give your outfit more depth. Then add a jacket or coat with a basic color like camel, black, navy or even olive green. Add a scarf to complete the ensemble. The easiest fall outfit is a pair of leggings, shirt, flannel, jean jacket, beanie and combat boots. Right there, are three layers just for the top of the outfit. Just like the oversized clothing, layering adds to the grunge type look that will be seen all over this season of 2013. However you decide to dress this Fall season, wear what makes you happy and comfortable and do not worry about the rules. Branch out and try the new trends. Even if it’s a new chain necklace, an arm cuff or great earrings, just remember to rock out and have fun.

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