Fall/Winter – How to Wear Layers without Looking Fat

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The weather in the Fall/Winter season is often cold and windy. With snow being a guest for the season there is no choice for but to wear layers of clothing when we step out so that we can protect ourselves from the cold. One of the most important aspects of the look for a woman is to avoid looking fat. Most women try their best to look as thin as possible because that is the body image that is popular in today’s times. So if you wear layers there is a chance that overall you can look really fat. Nobody wants to look fat but wearing layers is essential for protection from the weather. The following are tips to wear layers of clothing in the Fall/Winter season without looking fat: How to Wear Layers without Looking Fat: •    Layers are an important and necessary aspect of Fall/Winter fashions. An overcoat that is fitted instead of bulky and big is a great idea. Wearing darker colored overcoats instead on lighter colors is a good idea. Make sure the overcoat has a belt at the thinnest area of the waistline. Wearing a belt several inches below the breast will be ideal and give a thinner look. •    If you look taller then you automatically look a little thinner. Wearing high heels in the winter is a great idea. Winter is a time for stylish boots. Wear high heeled fitted boots not bulky ones if you want to look thin in the Fall/Winter seasons. •    Do not wear bulky t-shirts or bulky pants in the winter. With the layers you have to wear along with it, it will not look good. Wearing bulky clothing will make the entire ensemble look very shabby and you will end up looking fat. •    Wearing fitted pants, fitted leather wear and fitted jeans is a great idea. If you wear a coat or a cape on top of your clothing and wear a nice fitted pair of jeans then the legs will look incredibly thin and stylish. •    Stylish fitted jackets made of swede and leather look great for the Fall/Winter season. They work well with a woman’s shape and help avoid looking fat in the season. •    Another cool fashion for the season is wearing a skirt and a blouse. But the skirt has to be fitted so a great option is to choose a nice A-line fitted skirt. It looks nice and also helps you look thin.

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