Fall/Winter’s Hottest Hair Color Trends

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Nowadays people experiment with the hairstyle and the color of the hair that they should be wearing that is trendy and also which looks super stylish on you. Hair color generally changes with seasons of fashion and always some colors are more stylish than others.  Hair color is a great way to show some style and different colors look absolutely stunning if matched with the right skin tone. The following are the hottest hair color trends that are very popular in the Fall/Winter 2014: Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends 2014 •    Complete blonde colors like platinum blonde and the bright blonde is very much in fashion this year. These colors look really fashionable against the snowy weather and work well with Fall/Winter clothing. •    Highlights are very much in trend during these seasons in 2014. If the hair color is dark then all-over highlights that look lighter in colors like golden blonde look perfect in this holiday season. •    Major fashion in hair color in Fall/Winter 2014 is mixing two classic hair colors to get a great hair color. Mixing red and blonde to get a shiny strawberry blonde or rose blonde hair color look is a good idea. The rose gold hair color look is very trendy this fashion season. •    Mixing blonde hair color with darker brown or black hair to get a dishwater blonde hair look is a great idea. Mixing brown and red to get a sort of auburn red- brown color looks fabulous this year especially during the end of the year. •    Another mixed hair color look that is very popular is mixing golden with brown to get a nice shiny golden brown look hair color look. •    This is a season where a dull hair color is completely not acceptable because it is one of the aspects of the look that brings brightness and gloss to the entire ensemble. So a shiny hair color is super trendy this year. •    Following the trend of a shiny hair color this year, in Fall/Winter 2014 the bronze color trend for hair color is apt and super chic this year. Golden highlights in the hair lift a brunette hair color look and bring a shine to the hair. •    Also a hair trend that has been very popular in 2014 is having color lowlights in the hair and the ombre hair color look. Hair color is a great way to look super stylish and in the Fall/Winter of 2014 the above mentioned hair colors are really chic and in vogue.

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