Fashion Getaways of Summer 2015

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Fashion is in the air and what better season can you expect other than summer to flaunt your body, to break out on that holiday chilling out on the beach, or flaunting your body on that summer chair on the portico at your holiday destination! Fiji is considered one of the best places for a summer holiday. But, the Hibiscus festival and the Bula festival happening in August provide you another time to visit this beautiful place. Although you can still chill out at Fiji in summer months with that sexy bikini or the cool beach look of yours. Put on your ray ban and enjoy the sun. Barcelona is yet another destination for a getaway from your hectic life this summer. Just, avoid the humidity of the place by booking for early June. Summer is considered pretty cool at Barcelona and tourists from all over the world pour in. So, avoiding them is going to be difficult but if you are the social and gregarious kinds you can have a blast there! Portland’s great destination Oregon is yet another hot spot for tourists for the summer months. The beautiful scenery, the 12 mile long corridor and the stretch along the Pacific Coast is a heart-winning spot for tourists and for the fashionable summer. You would love the drive and the remote beaches and overlooks of the place. A jackpot destination is Myrtle Beach for the man who doesn’t want to spend all his savings on a beach getaway. Go on the broad walk along the beach and enjoy the sunshine. As the summer calls there is more to the beach than you think. A picturesque view would help your holiday story to completion. Maui, the name is short but not the views. The awesome views on the island with multi colored beaches and five-star resorts could be your luxury comfort home. A dream come true is all that can be said about the summer there and fashion is in the air. People in the best of their looks chilling out with friends and family love to shop and enjoy their summer fashion holiday all along. Cannes, Antibes and Monaco make the French Riviera getaway the best of tourist spots and a fashion destination and pub. There is more to your summer holiday and enjoy your life. This time would never come again and you need to live each moment of your life this summer with the coolest of summer fashion wear!

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