Fashion Must Haves for Winter

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Winter is a great time for fashion as it showcases some very distinct fashions every year. As the New Year begins fashion evolves itself into the latest trends of 2015. Whether it is shoes, clothing, accessories, handbags, purses or makeup, there are absolutely stunning fashions this winter that make women look effortlessly stylish and chic. 2015 has started with exciting fashion trends that take inspiration from the past and showcase the trendy modern fashions of today. The following are some of the fashion must haves for this winter. Winter Fashion Must Haves •    Winter fashion is all about layers. As the cold season requires women to wear layers, styling them in a chic and non-bulky way is a great idea. One of the main types of clothing items essential for the winter is an overcoat. At least two-three overcoats in different colors and different fabrics are needed. Make sure the overcoat is fitted and does not look bulky. Checks and plain prints are popular with overcoats this season. •    Another major fashion must-have for the winter is the knitted scarf. This looks really cool around the neck and goes well with winter clothing, plus it protects the body from the cold. •    A trendy fashion must-have is the fitted jeans. They cover your legs in the winter and look super stylish. Pairing them with a great top and a fitted jacket is a fabulous idea this winter. Fitted Jeans also work well with a smart shirt and a sweater. •    Boots are an ideal fashion must-have for the winter. Calf length boots, ankle length boots and even boots that start above the knee work perfectly in this winter fashion season. Colors like black, brown, beige and darker shades of red and blue work really well for boots. •    When it comes to sweaters large oversized sweaters are popular and so are some types of fitted sweaters that look like jackets. Colors that are trendy in sweaters include grey, black, white, olive and beige. In sweaters this season, the cable knit patterns and designs for sweaters are particularly popular. •    Knitted beanies look super cute yet stylish in the winters. Regular beanies as well as slouchy beanies both are popular in winter. •    In the winter the clothes tend to be of a darker color than those in the spring/summer season. So having such clothes is a must have for fashionable women in the winter. Winter has a distinct fashion identity and is a great season for fashionista.

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