Fashion Predictions for Spring/Summer 2014

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As the snow melts all over and the spring season blooms everywhere it is a start of a new fashion season. After a particularly drab and cold winter this year, women all over are looking forward to wearing spring/summer outfits that are hot, colorful and fabulous. This year also there are some major trends that are likely to be super hits in the spring/summer season. It is a fun time in fashion as there are a lot of options to choose from and women can shed off the protective layers of clothing that define the autumn/winter season. The following are some of the fashion predictions for Spring/Summer 2014: Fashion Predictions of 2014: • The amazing trend of pairing black and white together to create a fabulous contrast is likely to be in fashion during the spring/summer months in 2014.  Orange is also a big color of the season this year along with other bright colors. Wearing plain white without any other color is also looking like a major fashion in the spring and summer months of 2014. • As spring approaches fun clothes like shorts, tube tops, tank tops, miniskirts and sleeveless tops in bright colors and colorful jeans are set to come back into fashion as women can be more casual with their dressing in this season without the need to wear protective clothes needed in winter. • Another major fashion that is likely to be popular in spring/summer 2014 is shiny metallic colors and icy pastels. This gives the clothes a shiny look and such awesome clothes are very fashionable this season. • Also a really popular fashion in the season is see through or transparent clothing. Netted fabric, see through transparent fabric and mesh is likely to be very trendy this spring/summer fashion season. Another popular fashion is dresses, blouses and tops that show the midriff as it is likely to be a major fashion in the spring and summer months of 2014. • Floral designs and bright colors are very much part of spring/summer fashions and they are back this season as well. Polka dots, bold prints, ethnic designs and geometric prints are predicted to be very much in fashion this fashion season. • The accessories, bags and jewelry are most likely to follow the above trends in style, color and designs in 2014. The above were some of the major fashions that are expected to be very popular among women in the spring/summer months of 2014.

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