Fashion Tips to Help Petite Woman look Taller

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Many women around the world are petite or short. This means that their height is below 5 foot 4 inches. Being petite or short definitely has its upsides but sometimes you definitely have moments when a petite woman feels that it would have been better if she would look a little taller. There are some great fashion tips that make a petite women appear to look taller than she really is. Sometimes appearing to look taller can also give a woman more confidence. The following are some of the ideas that will help petite women look tall: Tips to Help Petite Women look Taller •    Wearing tall shoes is the most popular tip for making petite women look taller than they are. High heels, pumps, wedges and boots are easily available in wide variety all over the world. As there is a great choice in shoes with heels, women can wear different high heels shoes depending on the type of occasion. •    High heels are not just for parties but also for casual events and even for office wear. It makes you look stylish and you appear to look taller than you actually are. Also if wearing high heels is common for you, make sure that the heels are comfortable or else it will definitely hurt the legs and feet after a while. •    Do not wear clothes that are baggy or they make you look wider than you are. This might create a look that will make you look short and also bulky. Try and wear fitted clothes that highlight your slim figure. This will make you look taller as compared to baggy clothes that make you look short. •    An important tip in clothing for petite women is to avoid horizontal prints. This makes you look wider than taller and is a complete no-no if you want to look taller than you are. Vertical prints have the opposite effect and are a great idea. •    Another tip that is often given to look taller is to wear different colors and not just one color. This means for example do not wear the same color top and jeans together. This will just make the entire outfit look of a single color and will make you look shorter. For example if you wear a white top, blue jeans and black knee length boots then it will make you look taller than if you wear different clothing items of the same color together.

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