Fashion Trend – Bright Makeup

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Summer is a time for change and for trying new things. Summer is heating up and so are the season’s makeup palettes. The season’s vibrant colors are not only making bright and bold appearances in clothing but also in makeup. So spice up your beauty routine with a few new trendy colors to get that enviable look this season. From bold brows to loud mouth pouts and eyeliner experiments, women are allowed to have fun with their makeup this season.

Trendy Bright Makeup Ideas
The simplest way to transform your makeup collection is to add a new nail polish or a new lip color. If you are the trend setter orange makeup is all the rage this summer in shades of wild tangerine to soft cantaloupe. If you are a girly person with a wild side, you may go for the lovely lavender color which is perfect for those who are hesitant to go bold and prefer pastel hues. Lavender is a soft shade of pink and the edgy dash of blue gives a spin that looks fresh and gorgeous. The classic color Fuchsia is a staple of fashionistas everywhere but is not an easy color to wear. Instead of going all out with bold fuchsia lips, you may add a gloss or balm instead. This will give you all the color of traditional pink lipstick with a shine. Get a matching manicure with glitter and you will be ready to hit the beach.
Bright and Bold Makeup Tips
There is something contagiously fun about bright and bold makeup colors. Everyone loves the easy breezy sun kissed look that is delivered with a techno lip and vivid eye shadow that is making a summer style statement. This season’s bright trends in makeup are playful but take care not to overdo the bright shades of colors in makeup. Get drench in colored lips and add shine with a bright sheer gloss. This season the show stopping eye makeup with bright eye shadows in shimmery copper and crimson shades are on trend that will add depth and intensity to the face. This romantic sexy look compliments any eye color. This season go easy on your eyelids and go crazy on your lower lash line. This gives a sultrier look that is easy to create because it is messy and it is not meant to be precise and clean. The smoky eye makeup look is complete with a good dose of mascara on your top and bottom lashes to add a touch of drama.

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