Fashion Trend Report- July 2015

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Fashion changes every week, every month, every fashion season and every year. Some fashions are so good that they endure the test of time, while others don’t. Some fashions keep going out of fashion and then sometime later come back into fashion in a retro classic inspiration sort of way. Fashions are followed by millions of women all over the world. Buying patterns are influenced by what is in trend and what is not. Fashion trend reports change for every month. July 2015 is no different. There are some fabulous fashions that have become really popular in July 2015 in the summer fashion season. The following is a report of some of those trends: Fashion Trend Report – July 2015 •    Horizontal stripes are back in fashion. These are not just popular with t-shirts but also popular in short dresses, in swimwear and even in skirts. Horizontal stripes are particularly in fashion in colors like red, blue and white this July fashion season. •    A major fashion that is trending this month is the Jumpsuit. Cool, stylish and well fitted jumpsuits are very much in fashion this season. Dungarees which are short jumpsuits are also in fashion this year. Darker colors, white and grey are more popular in this style of clothing. •    Shine is very much seen this season. Glittering gold and silver are majorly on trend and also metallic darker colors are in fashion in July 2015. These fashions are seen in pants, short dresses and skirt-blouse type of outfits. •    Bohemian vintage styles from the 70s are very much in vogue in this season. Bohemian hippie chic styles of clothing are popular with fashionistas in July 2015. Long flowing dresses in this style with bohemian colors and prints are very cool in this fashion season. •    Another major fashion of 2015 summer months is denim. Denim is not just in fashion in denim jeans but also for other styles of clothing. Denim is fashionable in short denim shirt style dresses, denim culottes, denim shirts, denim jumpsuits and other styles of clothing. Though denim is worn in different colors, shades of blue are the most common colors in denims. •    Wearing bright colored clothing is the style of summer and wearing these styles in a trendy way is popular in July 2015. Mismatched colors work well if the overall outfit has a harmony of colors to it. July is the month of summer fashions and above are some of the trends popular in this awesome summer fashion month.

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