Fashion Trend This Winter: Dark Colors

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Winter Dark ColorsWinter 2013 is a good season to be alive, if only for the fashion trends. Magical, attractive and wild are the colors of this season. Warm up the cool days with the most exciting color of the winter palette: the red. From koi to burgundy, from poppy red to dark red choose any shade. Winter Dark Colors Like seasons before, black is the trend in terms of formal wear, with designers using black appropriately. It is the matte shades of black you can wear if you want to focus on trends. 2013 is particularly exciting in terms of fearless color and the season’s obsession with deep, rich and vibrant purples. Bright purple tweed blazers paired with red printed blouse is used to brighten an otherwise neutral ensemble. However, in makeup where purple shines the most: dark lipsticks colored eyeliners and eye shadows will add a much-needed color pop to any dreary day. You can wear it anywhere, with anything, almost all the time, a pair of emerald flats or an emerald belt with an otherwise neutral outfit will help carry off the trend, while if you’re a little more daring, layer emerald with a lighter mint green for the full color experience. The bright, electric colors defining the fashion color spectrum are trendy this season. Red in all shades and sizes is everywhere on the winter fashion 2013, ranging from sweaters and skirts. It’s time to wear red now for Holiday parties. Winter days may get dreary and grey themes in winter collections can make the season seem bleak. If you think you’re wearing too much neutral, punch it up with a bright accessory or shirt or skirt or any other layer. Brown color is still in fashion. This year, the nice shades, which can be found in the nature, practically shakes the world of fashion. Chocolate brown, chestnut, kodiak-brown and earth tones warm you up in no time. Winter opens up a whole new opportunity for a fun wardrobe filled with the most fashionable colors for winter 2013. Try adding these hottest colors for winter 2013 to your closet and see how much fun your winter wardrobe can be. Oxblood is one of the hottest colors for winter 2013 right now, as it should be. It is such a rich and deep color, which makes it so fashionable for this winter. Go all out with a big comfy Oxblood sweater. Or, for a more understated look, accessories are always fun when trying out a new trend.

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