Fashion Trends in Lipsticks

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lipstic purplelipstic redlipstic pink Adding its spark in the dramatic fashion variations, lip colour is live and dynamic. With the smooth subtle red, dark maroons and coffee browns, new exciting colours are smiling on many lips. The trend is to go with the season or may be simply neutral. There is a bigger basket of choices now. For those who are sublimed to less popping colours or to those who love to flash a daring bright colour, have your picks. The seductive red is such a well sort lip colour. The best option to those lovely dresses in night parties and dinners. The red is a must try, in any season. The good part about wearing red lips (be it bright, deep or subtle) is that it’s a vintage trend. It not something that blows a new fashion and yet very much trendy. You will feel comfortable in it once you match up a right dress and occasion. The next calling is that of rose, pink, peach, salmon, hazel and orange lips. Sounds more like a fruity treat. The colours are a boom in the international fashion circuit. Every girl is smiling pink or orange. Subtle peach or rosy lips for those summer dresses are a hit. What about the pastel palate that are attracting your lips?  They are the becoming the best sellers. Well the rage of vibrant is because of its freshness and striking appeal. These lip colours suit almost all skin tones. They are a change from boring plum or reddish hues. Trying them in day is an easy way to know what lip colour will suit you. Some can easily carry orange or bright pink, when on some tanned skin tones a nice dark peach is apt. Also depends on how much colour you carry in a dress. After all you don’t want end up looking like a rainbow! It looked like vacation time on the fashion ramp when popping lips was a repeat show.  Blame the mischievous popping lip colours that added the much needed different dimensions to the traditional lip colours. Though the popping orange, pink, red, raspberry and violet are not for the humble middle aged or old women, it’s more of a young brigade trend. But not to be disheartened, the velvety maroon and brick red is the classic lip colour for those who are shy with age. Many A-listers have been inspired by the tempting maroons, browns and coral lip colours. These very tempting colours also called the queen colours for their royal appeal. This year the new lip colour range is blessing every woman who needed a transformation. For those who shy away from bright lips to those who are bored of soft colours, from basic red to interesting violets, there is a grand change. More to come from this section, the year may end with neutral lip colours or even with the less tried out nude lips. Experiment and indulge in this year’s latest lip colour trend to enhance the most delicate feature of your face.

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