Fashion Trends Perfect for Spring 2014

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Fashion is something that is followed by women all over the world. There are usually fashions that keep on changing as the season changes and it is also a highly evolving industry. Spring/Summer fashions are vastly different from Autumn/Winter trends as climate plays an important role in the fashion industry. Every season there are new fashions that become popular and there are also fashions that become “out dated” or out of fashion. The following are some of the fashion trends that are perfect for the Spring 2014 fashion season: Fashion Trends Perfect for Spring 2014: • Bright colors rule this fashion season, so colors like orange, red, pink, yellow and neon colors are very popular this fashion season. Women will be wearing these colors in formal as well as casual wear. • A major trend that is becoming increasingly popular is crop tops. This vintage fashion is back in full swing as many fashionistas and celebrities have been spotted wearing this fashion that is chic and cool for Spring 2014. • Black and white are both colors that are popular this Spring fashion season. Separately or together these work wonders and are super trendy particularly in casual wear clothing. • Another hot trend of spring is graphic prints with bold designs that have become very popular this season on the runways as well as among fashionistas that follow the latest trends in fashion. • Dresses, pants, blouses, tops and skirts with embellishments are super cool this season. They bring an element of style to the outfit and are super stylish this season. • One of the most popular trends of the Spring season in fashion is floral prints. It represents the environment and the climate of the season. It also brings cheer and brightness to outfits and dresses after a long and often dull winter fashion season. • Spring is a season where one can really experiment with their clothes as the weather is often favorable. In spring 2014, sheer fashions are also very popular. This means that the dresses, tops and skirts are likely to have sheer elements, to make them look bold and stylish at the same time. Spring is a joyous season in fashion industry and there are many drastic changes that take place in a women’s wardrobe during this fashion season. Spring 2014 is likely to be a great fashion season with many new and exciting trends that may become very stylish and popular this fashion season.

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