Fashion Vs Knowledge of Fashion

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Now a day’s fashion is becoming one of the biggest thing in life or we can say that fashion become the part of life. Now we are discussing about the fashion and the knowledge of the fashion. There is a huge difference between fashion and the knowledge of fashion and that difference is; • The term fashion means wearing different cloths depend upon the fashions. Different type of hair styles depend upon the fashion, different type of shoes and sandals depend upon the fashion, however on the same place the knowledge of fashion means the person having knowledge of fashion like the different cloths and hair styles, different kind of shoes and sandals etc. These are some of things which differentiate between the term fashion and the knowledge of fashion. • The term fashion means the people are adopting the fashion and the knowledge of fashion means the person has knowledge about fashion but he is not using the fashion. • With the help of fashion person can make over there structure of the body and also look good as the trend of the fashion and with the help of knowledge of fashion human being can earn money and do business and job in this sector if the person has knowledge of fashion. • People can make carrier if he has the knowledge of fashion and on the same place people make impress other person if they are using the latest trend of fashion. • There are different trend of fashion in the market and it varies from place to place and region to region, however knowledge of fashion also depend upon the region and place. • Taking the knowledge of fashion is not so expensive on the same place adopting fashion will be expensive for the consumer on their daily life. • There are so many benefit of having the knowledge of the fashion and there is very less advantage of using fashion. • If the person is making carrier in the fashion design then the person has full knowledge of fashion and also speak in English, however on the same place the person who is adopting the fashion is not compulsory for that person to know the English language. These are some of the difference between of fashion and the knowledge. Both are important for the on there place. Who wants knowledge can go in that line and who want to use the fashion can go on that line.

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