Fashion yesterday,today and future

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Let Us Discuss About Fashion’s ABC: The word ‘’ Fashion ‘’ rules over all ages. The fashion is not constant, it changes with time. Fashion may be defined as the materialistic expression of a new trend of thought, ideas and ways to lead the materialistic world. The crowd relate the word Fashion to the dressing sense of women. But fashion is beyond all these stuffs. Fashion includes not only dressing or clothing, it includes accessories that one use along with the dress, shoes, makeup and so on. When a change appears in a form of style with new trends it is called Fashion. We often say some fashion as old fashioned clothes. Have you ever thought that what is the origin of fashion? We say old fashion, new fashion because of the change of trends of fashion. Early people had a very less or had no fashion sense as such. But now fashion as no boundaries as such. Early times experts used remarkable quotes saying that fashions was more or less absent in western world, though the whole world is dominated by the western fashion, culture, tradition and lifestyle. Majority of the crowd goes with the flow of trendy stuffs of their times to look identical and beautiful. Standing in 21st century we know that fashion matters a lot and fashion is also a mode of business today. People often open their fashion boutique these days. Fashion brands are what the fashion market is based on. Today we have so many fashion institutes to generate is fashion sense and help the young generation to make a career in fashion. Today fashion has a lot of avenues to do with. Early it was not so fashion was in just in movies and for entertainment. But today fashion is a part of our life. As we know fashion changes with time, with time along with fashion our views about fashions and avenues also has changed. There was a time when the word fashion wasn’t that welcomed by the society but now fashion is all that the youths know. And in future fashion can change in anyway by the fashion designers. Even the brand ambassador of a specific company rule over the fashion world. All these attract the crowd to a large extend. Fashion blogs are what that make people more conscious about the fashion sense. These days fusion of fashion is in. so the fusion of fashion styles may become a trendy flow and attract the next generation in future. The models, celebrities are the trend setter. Fashion changes by the trend setters and common people follow it.

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