Fashionable Cosmetics Used For Eye Makeup

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Eye MakeupOne of the most prominent parts of a face is the woman’s eyes. Eye makeup is an integral part of face makeup and a large variety of cosmetics are used so that the right kind of face makeup can be achieved. Makeup artists spend years perfecting their skills in eye makeup as it is not very easy to get it right. The following are some of the key cosmetics that are used for eye makeup that make it look trendy and fashionable: Fashionable Cosmetics Used For Eye Makeup: • Eye Liner: An Eye Liner is a cosmetic that is used to highlight the eyes. It is worn just above the upper lashes and below the lower lashes of the eye. It takes practice to neatly draw the eye liner just above or below the eye lash line. Generally you start from the inside going towards the outer edges of the eye and draw the liner parallel to the lashes. Black is the most prominent color though you also get eye liner in different colors. • Eye Shadow: Eye Shadow is often in powder form and comes in different colors. It is worn on the eye lids and many times women wear more than one color of eye shadow to give a nice look to the eyes. Sometimes for parties and fun events glitter eye shadow is also used making the eyes look glamorous and super trendy. • Mascara: The Mascara is used for the eye lashes. It comes in liquid form and often has a roll-on sort of brush which gently rolls on the mascara on the eye lashes giving the lashes volume. Usually the color of the mascara is black. • Fake Eye Lashes: Many times women have thin eye lashes that are not very visible and do not give the desired effect to the eyes even with mascara. Fake Eyelashes can be easily worn by women as they help highlight the eyes and make them look bold, trendy and also glamorous. • Under Eye Concealer: Dark circles are common for many women and look really bad without makeup. Under Eye Concealer is very important to make the eyes look bright and full of life. Dark circles tend to give a dull look to the eyes and under eye concealer helps to cover them well. Overall nowadays eye makeup is very important and by using the above mentioned fashionable cosmetics, eye makeup can be done very well. Always use good quality and branded products for the makeup.

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