Fashionable Faux Furs this Winter

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Winter is a time of the year when it can get very cold and snowy. Fashion adapts itself to this weather by using layers that are an important part of the winter fashions. To remain warm in the winter months is very important so is being super stylish in the winter months. Furs that have been made from skinning furry animals were popular in the past. However since it can be cruel to do so, faux furs are today very much in fashion. Faux furs are just like natural animal furs but are not made by skinning furry animals. The following are some of the latest fashions in faux furs in 2015: Fashionable Faux Furs this Winter •    Faux furs are most often used in jackets and overcoats. The colors in faux furs that are popular in jackets and overcoats include shades of grey and brown along with the classic black and white colors of overcoats and jackets. •    These colors are often mixed together to form different designs and prints. Checkered patterns and animal prints look smart and are common in faux furs. Plain and shaded fur jackets and coats in the colors mentioned above are also very popular. Another color is a bright red which is occasionally used but is also a color for trendy furs. •    Faux fur is also often used in scarves. Wearing a simple outfit with a regular overcoat made of fabric might at times look very plain. Adding a faux fur scarf to the ensemble makes it look stylish and classy. •    Faux fur caps are used by both men and women in Europe and North America. Different designs and pattern of faux fur caps and hats are extremely popular. Different colors in these types of hats like white, purple, grey and red are stylish and worn extensively during the winter months. •    Boots of different lengths and sizes are common during winter and look super stylish with a range of different patterns and designs. Colors like red, brown, black, grey and white are common among boots. Some boots have designs faux fur on them in various styles and looks. Faux fur covered boots are in vogue and they look super trendy with short dresses in winter. Sometimes the entire boot is covered with faux fur or sometimes there is just a faux fur design on it. Faux fur is super trendy these days as many celebrities are adopting faux fur as compared to natural fur as it is seen to be more ethical.

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