Fashionable Scarves this Chilly Winter

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Winter is a season that mold fashion in a particular way. The weather can be cold and harsh and winter fashions have to have layers of clothing in an ensemble to keep a woman safe and warm from the harsh climate of the season. Even though it is tough season weather wise, fashion wise it can be a lot of fun. There are different clothing items that can be worn in winter that cannot be worn in any other season. One of the favorite clothing items for the winter is the scarf. Scarves add to the fashion in the season and also protect the neck area from the cold winter weather. The following are some of the different types of scarves fashionable in the winter season: Fashionable Scarves this Chilly Winter •    This year larger scarves are more popular than smaller scarves. They are more bulky in size and structure, and are often worn with fitted clothes and overcoats. These scarves cover the neck in a loose round style and also fall on the chest area on the ensemble. These styles of scarves look chic and modern in 2015. •    Scarves have to match the fashion of the rest of the ensemble. So it has to match the trends of the winter season. Darker colors like brown, black, grey and blue are in fashion in scarves for the season. White is another popular color and so are colors like purple and maroon. Multi-colored scarves with a dark background and a variety of different colors is stylish this fashion season. •    Scarves are popular in a range of different fabrics. For example, the most popular fabric is wool as it is winter and one needs to be warm. Woolen scarves in cable knit patterns with different colors and prints are popular with fashionable women and they look amazing. •    If the outfit is too plain then adding a scarf to the ensemble with a stylish pattern and colorful design is a great idea. Similarly if you want to show off the rest of the clothing items then wearing a plain scarf works well with the other clothes. •    Tribal prints, patches, multicolored designs and animal prints are all very trendy in scarves. Also trendy are shaded scarves in black, grey and white. Another popular trend is just using one color in the scarf and wearing it in a fashionable way. Scarves are an awesome choice for winter and make the ensemble look very fashionable.

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