Fashionable Types of Clutches

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We have to carry out personal belongings like phone, cash, ID, makeup and other miscellaneous items with us when we get out of the house. Purses have been a trendy fashion for centuries and women carry different types of purses and handbags with them when they go out. Matching your purse with the outfit and the overall look is very important. Some of the coolest types of purses are clutches. A clutch is a small and slim flat handbag or purse, without handles or a strap. However, sometimes a thin strap may be attached to it so that it can be worn on the shoulder. Fashionable Types of Clutches •    Colorful designer clutches are very popular among fashionable women. Clutches are popular in colors like black, white, grey, pink, red, purple, gold, silver, blue and green. •    One of the trendiest types of clutches is the jewel box clutches. These jewel box clutch is shaped in a rectangular or square type design that looks like a jewelry box. These come in different styles and the above mentioned colors are popular with this type of clutch. The jewel box clutches are often embellished with metallic designs and gemstones. Sometimes this style has a chain like long strap attached to it so that this type of clutch can be even worn on the shoulder like a purse. These types of clutches are often used more so in parties and trendy events and have a certain old world charm to it. •    Another popular fashion in clutches is the flat envelope style clutch that can be easily carried in the hand. This type of fashion is extremely convenient and is often seen with casual dresses and also office formal wear dresses. •    Traditional purse style clutches without straps is also quite fashionable. Various designs and patterns on these purses are popular like prints and embroidery. •    Large designs, floral textured embellishments, leopard and animal print designs and trendy modern patterns are all popular with clutches. Also clutches do not always have to be with just one color in them. Multicolored stylish clutches are also trendy if carried with the right kind of outfit and at the right event. Clutches are often smaller than purses and are a great accessory for an outfit. For carrying just a few things like the smartphone and some money, this is an ideal choice as it is easy to carry and looks really elegant with different types of looks and outfits.

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