Fashionable Watches For 2014

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Fashionable watches that are both expensive and stylish are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Watches have always been a way of showcasing fashion and a great watch only adds to the appeal of the entire ensemble. Many times these watches are exclusive and viewed as status symbols all over the world. Fashion trends in watches keep changing with new styles, features and technological innovations. In 2014 also there are a few watches that are considered very fashionable and cool to wear with variety of outfits. There are many top brands in the watches business that have highly fashionable and modern watches on display this year. Some of the major brand names include Rolex, Alpina, Zenith, Lange & Sohne, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Panerai, Audemars Piaget, Burberry, Rado, Tissot, Tag Hauer and Calvin Klein. Most of the international fashion brands like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and jewelry brands like Chopard, Harry Winston also have a range of designer watches that are very popular with the clientele. Watches by famous sportswear companies are also very popular with customers all over the world. Fashionable Watches of 2014: Every new season or every year or in every few months, there is a new collection of watches on display by the famous brands that are listed above. Sometimes limited edition watches are specially designed and made for special occasions where as other times new watches are made that are exclusive and packed with various different features. Sales of exclusive and high end watches were the least affected as compared to other regular watches when smartphones and mobile phones showing the time made watches almost obsolete and redundant. Sometimes trendy watches are encrusted with diamonds and other fabulous jewels and also the metal used in making the watch is often an expensive metal like gold, silver or platinum. Smart Watches The latest trend in watches however uses similar technologies that are used in smartphones. The smart watches that are designed by companies like Samsung and the iWatch that is designed by Apple are the latest trend in watches. This trend is very popular among tech enthusiasts as well as regular customers. Smart watches are part of an umbrella technology concept called wearable technologies which are looking to become very trendy with its host of different features in the next few years. The above mentioned watch making companies are constantly reinventing their product lines and creating new and exclusive watches for their customers.

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