Fashionable Workout Wear in 2014

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Keeping fit and active is very important in today’s fast paced life. To be stylish and fashionable one has to be in great shape physically. Going to the gym 2-3 times a week is a common practice for many individuals today. Nobody wants to be overweight, fat and out of shape in this fashionable world. To look gorgeous you need to have a perfect fantastic body. As going to a gym is a part of the routine in many people’s lives, one must look fashionable even at the gym. Wearing horrible out of shape and out of fashion gym clothes is a big no-no. The following are some of the tips on how to dress for the gym:Fashionable Wear Fashionable Workout Wear 2014 •    Wear comfortable yet stylish clothes at the gym. You need to wear clothes that allow you to exercise at the gym easily. But these clothes should have great trendy colors and also be with the latest fashion. •    Wearing slacks to the gym is a great idea. Just make sure they are your size and also there is no ugly Y-front problem with these slacks. •    Get a great pair of sneakers or gym shoes that are stylish and colorful so that they are noticeable among boring grey, white and black sneakers worn by other people at the gym. •    Do not wear the same two or three tops or t-shirts to the gym. Where nice bold colored t-shirts with amazing prints or great t-shirt quotes on them. Keep wearing different t-shirts and do not stick to just a few t-shirts for the gym as this gets predictable and boring. •    Gym shorts look really cute with a great t-shirt. Keep two or three gym shorts for the gym. The regular blues and blacks are a great choice for gym shorts but sometimes wearing orange or pink shorts will make you stand out in the gym. •    Sometimes you can even wear nice hoodies or sweatshirts with your gym clothes. Make sure that the gym clothes match with your sweatshirt or else the ensemble will not look good. •    Carry a fabulous gym bag to the gym. It should be able to carry all your gym things and yet look super stylish when you carry it with you to the gym. Working out at the gym is part of our routine these days. Working out keeps you active fit and healthy. The above mentioned tips will help you look stylish and trendy while working out at the gym.

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