Fashions at the 2015 Awards Season

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With the Oscars wrapping up in the latter half of February 2015, the movie awards season has come to a close. Besides the awards and the performances at these shows, Hollywood often shows us the different trends and styles that are in vogue for glamourous events and parties. This year also there were some distinct fashion statements made at the red carpets of awards shows. The following are some of the fashions seen at the awards shows of 2015: Fashions of 2015 Awards Shows •    This awards season did not have just one color that stood and became really popular with the women but a whole variety of colors were seen worn by female stars on different red carpets across the Hollywood awards season. •    With men, they do not have much of a choice when it comes to formal wear. However though many men did wear black tuxedos, the stand out color of the season for tuxedos and formal suits was blue. Various shades of dark blue were seen in tuxedos at different awards shows when it came to men’s fashion. •    The colors seen at the awards shows in formal wear for female stars were very varied. Black and white was both seen prominently on the red carpet. With black dresses, edgy necklines tops, plunging neckline gowns and even pants were part of the ensemble. With white dresses, more feminine and delicate dresses, some with beads and also Grecian patterns were popular. •    With gowns that are of darker color pattern, shades of blue, purple, green and grey were popular among gowns. Vibrant colors also made it prominently to the red carpets this year. Vibrant sunny colors like shades of red, yellow, orange and coral were seen in different patterns of gowns on the red carpets. In vibrant colors red was the main color in fashion as many women wore gorgeous red gowns this awards season. •    Another popular fashion was the ultra-feminine gowns in shades of pink, light grey and various shades of beige. Lovely shiny embellishments, flowing gowns and feminine princess style necklines were part of this trend in the awards season. •    Not many celebrities wore gowns or dresses with multicolored prints on them as choosing one color and making it shine was the mantra for most celebrities during the awards season. Every year awards seasons are especially fun to watch because of the fashion trends one gets to see on the red carpets and this year too, the awards season did not disappoint when it came to fashion.

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