Fashions Followed by Royals

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Royals and members of the aristocratic society have always dressed with great fashion and if you look at European and Asian Royal histories then you will find that Royal women always dressed stylishly while maintaining decorum and etiquette. Royal Fashions are never over the top and generally royals have a station to maintain and so they refrain from dressing too provocatively. What they wear often becomes a style statement as many royal especially English royals are style icons today. Most of the royals today wear classy designer clothes and create a style statement for themselves.

Fashions Followed by Some Royals
Some royal families are more famous than others and no royal family is as famous as the British Royal family. The 2nd in line to the British throne, Prince William got married to Kate Middleton in 2011 and since then the couple, especially Kate’s fashions have been followed all over the world. Kate Middleton and her classic, elegant and dignified styles are loved and popular all over the world. She has become a fashion icon with her laid back yet sophisticated style while opting for simple, affordable clothes that flatter a variety of shapes and sizes. The Duchess of Cambridge is fond of wearing nude and black heels with bolder prints and her favorites are Pastels, Polka dots, tights, boots, beaded hats and pretty patterns that looks stylish but also sophisticated.  She also wears some fabulous hats for special occasions just like other aristocratic and royal women from Europe. Many European royals tend to wear dresses with just one or two colors in them and do not generally go for multicolored dresses, especially for formal wear. Multicoloured dresses

There are many famous Royal women from all over the world that have been style icons.  Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco was a huge fashion icon in her times. Also Queen Rania from Jordan is also a fashion icon today. Royals from Asian countries are also popular in their countries as fashion icons. These royals tend to wear their traditional garments for special occasions and are often widely photographed.
Often Royal weddings like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding are the focus of the entire world media. The bridal dress becomes an instant wedding fashion statement and also there is a lot of talk about what fashions were followed by the guests and royals at these weddings.
Royals are trend setters when it comes to fashion and women from all over the world follow their fashions.

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