Fat girls and fashion go together

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Who says fashion is not for fat girls?

Come on. You are a girl. You want to look good. You see other girls wearing shorts and mini-skirts and think, “I wish I could wear that!” Well guess what? You can. There is no one stopping you but yourself.

You stammer, “B-but fat girls can’t’ carry off clothes like that. I will look fatter. And what about the bulges that will show, the lumps of fat, the belly?” You know something you can’t hide it all anyways. So why not flaunt it. Be proud of your body. Just love it the way it is. Wear what you want to wear and you will not only feel good, you will actually look good too.Fat Girls

See, fat or not, you got style, right? You got style baby and you are going to show THAT off. Want to wear psychedelic colours, or wide flared pants, or a gathered dress? Wear it! For all you know you could be setting a new trend, setting fire to a new fashion. Even if you don’t at least you will be happy. And believe me the world needs more happy people around. So use your best asset and smile in sheer happiness. Just go for it.

Myths are meant to be busted. They will tell you no stripes, no loud colours, no pastels, only black, avoid this and that. Just dress to please yourself. Take any outfit that appeals to your sartorial taste and if you like what you see in the mirror when you try it on, make it yours. Don’t let that myth stop you. They would rather have us roly-poly girls hide ourselves under a sack. Why should we do that. Just because thin is in.

Well history tells us that our figures, wide hips, buxom breasts were in fashion too at one time. Think of all the broad waisted ladies in our sculptures? Aren’t they beautiful in their own way? And that is the secret. Be yourself. Find your own way of dressing. Create your own style. Just because of your certain shape and size don’t think you are unworthy of being fashionable.

You want to wear a body hugging dress or a skimpy top and it feels good when you wear it then do it.

If people stare you can be sure you are creating a sensation. If they feel uncomfortable looking at your thunder thighs or yummy arms then that is their problem. Your space is yours. Your body is yours and you love it, love handles and all. You love dressing it up.

You love creating your style. You wear high heels, chunky jewellery, you put on some make up and there, you are good to go. Not only will you be happy but those who love you, those who love the real you with all the chubbiness and everything will be oh-so-happy for you too. They will be proud of you in looking and being beautiful just the way you were always meant to be.

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