Favorite Classic Fragrances of all Time

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Perfumes or Fragrances have been an essential part of a woman’s ensemble for a really long time. How you smell is very important in fashion world and also in daily life. Some like spicy strong perfume while others prefer more floral and fruity perfumes. Everyone has their favorite type of perfume and moreover everyone has their all-time favorite fragrance which is always with them whether it is a formal event or just a casual event with friends. There are some classic perfumes that have been adored by women all over the world. The following is a list of some of the top classic fragrances of all time.Classic Fragrances Favorite Classic Fragrances Chanel No. 5 One of the most celebrated and widely known perfumes in the world is Chanel No. 5. This amazing sensuous perfume was launched by Coco Chanel in 1921 and till today it is a favorite among celebrities and women all over the world. It has a strong spicy yet floral scent and is truly one of the iconic fragrances of all time. Miss Dior Another truly lovely classic perfume is Miss Dior by Christian Dior. This fragrance was introduced by Dior in 1947. It has citrusy and floral notes and is a very popular and charming fragrance to wear. Shalimar This is an epic fragrance created by Jacques Guerlain in 1921. Shalimar is inspired by the woman Mumtaz Mahal, for whom the Taj Mahal was built. Vanilla with sweet notes is how one can describe this epic perfume. Joy Joy by Jean Patou is a perfume introduced in 1929 which is a classic and famous perfume. It is a blend of jasmine flowers and roses and is a very popular perfume especially among the elite women around the world. Opium Yves Saint Laurent introduced Opium in 1977 and since it has been a favorite among women all over the world. This classic blend of spicy and fruity notes is loved even today and is a top rated fragrance by YSL. Chanel No.19 This perfume was released into the market in 1971 to celebrate the birthday of Coco Chanel. This Chanel classic fragrance has musky and fruity notes and since its launch has been worn by stylish women from all over the world. These classic fragrances have truly stood the test of time. They were popular when they got launched decades ago and even today are among the top choices by women when it comes to classy perfumes.

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