Flatter around in Maxi Skirts

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Womanish and flattering, Maxi skirt is back. The comfort of many women, flowing and just so comfortable, Maxi skirt is a classic choice. With top trend setters flaunting them, niche and very summerish.  lady in black coatlady in red lady in black skirt There is so much femininity that comes in wearing a Maxi skirt with some bright colours and flaunting prints. The advantage with maxi skirt lies in its length, for women who shy away from showing off their legs or have heavy bottoms or have short height. Maxi skirt covers up your legs entirely, playing hide & seek, it merges bottom curves making you look simmer and enhances height in the body, making you look tall. Maxi skirts are a hot seller in summers; it’s a much needed relief from tanning too. Almost anything can be teamed with a maxi skirt like tang top, blouse, tuck-in shirts, short jackets, etc. There is a wide scope of experiments that you can do with a maxi; there are random prints available in both sober and bright colours. Floral patterns, diagrammatical designs or just single striking colour, a maxi skirt is universal clothing in itself. What may go wrong with a maxi skirt? Well the style lies in the length of it, so buy your perfect length, which is not too long and not too short. Little foot show and no floor touching length, perfect it as per your height and body shape. Match ideally, stick too fundamentals of ‘no excess floral prints’ ‘not too much pattern’ and ‘balance the popping out hues with earthy colours’. Accessories with belts, wear shiny broad belts to enhance the skirt and add some body to the skirt length, team it up with glittery foot wears and long neck chains.  Simple chappals, white blouse and floral pattern Maxi skirt and you will look chic in a simple fashion statement.

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