Floral Designs Make a Comeback

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Floral DesignsAfter years of simple solids and geometric prints, the lowly flower is making a comeback in clothes. Floral patterns have been blooming all over fashion runways in recent months and they are slowly finding their way back into the world of home decorating. Bold prints and bright colors are making a huge comeback in the fashion world and these wonderfully extravagant floral fashions are making use of this resurgence to bring beautifully eye-catching floral designs back to mainstream couture. From mesmerizing floral-detailed dresses to floral-printed accessories, these lovely pieces of floral fashion creatively express bold patterns and colors that serve to make a chic fashion statement. While some may feel that floral patterns and styles are too loud and fussy, these beautiful floral-inspired pieces showcase the ability to create floral designs that are both chic and fashionable. Floral Designs Floral Designs have been incorporated into mainstream fashion in a variety of unique ways, from being accented onto accessories, designed onto clothing or being included on headpieces. These wonderfully eye-catching designs will certainly continue to make its mark in the fashion world. When it comes to prints, natural florals dominate the catwalk, many of which come alive like a garden in full bloom. Flowers aren’t just emerging in yards and gardens right now but they are also blooming in fashion and home décor. Now that winter is in the rear-view mirror and spring is here to stay, the stores are filling up with floral-inspired items. In fashion industry, consumers will find floral influences in shoes, purses, brooches, necklaces, skinny pants, sheath dresses, jackets, blouses, scarves, sunglasses and more. While the flower element may be more prevalent in clothing, a healthy choice can be found in house wares as well. But, these aren’t your grandmother’s prints. Florals have stepped away from being matronly and taken a modern, more realistic look. The flower is the motif of choice for the spring season and we will see that floral motif everywhere. Every spring, because flowers bloom, there’s kind of a re-emergence of floral print in all types of fashions. But for some reason, literally every designer this spring has jumped on the floral bandwagon. I think everybody is so ready for spring that it’s going to be a huge seller. Flowers are like the unofficial welcome to spring every year. Florals, whether in fashion or home décor, are timeless and add a great pop of color in your home and also in your life.

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