Fun & Chic Nail Art Designs

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Nail paint or polish is not just about plain colors and glitter anymore. Nail art designs have evolved in the last few years and become funky, cool and hip. Almost all salons that specialize in manicures have specialists who are experts in nail art and they know all the latest trends in nail art designs. Nail art can be fun and casual, as well as chic and stylish depending on the type of design and the event you wear the design for. The following are some of the popular trends in nail art designs in 2015: Fun & Chic Nail Art Designs •    Ombre nails are still quite popular and have become an almost classic look in nail art designs. In the Fall/Winter season the darker colors like grey, black and darker shades of various colors are popular whereas in Spring/Summer vibrant colors like yellow, orange and pink are more popular. •    Colors that are popular for nail art that are trendy are gold, silver, black, white, beige, transparent, blue and pink. Using two colors with a white base or two colors with a black base are both great ideas. •    Another important aspect of nail art designs this year is texture. Putting embellishments and creating texture is trending for nail art. Also popular is glitter not just in gold and silver but glitter in all trendy colors. •    Various designs are hip and cool in nail art. These include horizontal stripes, polka dots, floral designs, chic geometrical designs, checkered prints and also shaded patterns. •    Another popular trend is using various colors in ethnic and tribal prints and designs. Sometimes for special occasions really intricate designs are worn like lacey patterns and proper intricate drawings. •    Wearing cute symbols and icon designs like flowers, bows, destinations, gaming icons and other such cultural symbols are very trendy in nail art. •    Sometimes nail art is not used to cover the entire nail. It can be just the tips of the nail like a French manicure, half the nail or the entire nail as it all depends on the type of designs that are used in nail art. Nail art can be a fun way to glam up a look. With casual wear, nail art can add that extra something to the outfit and with formal wear it can make the entire ensemble look chic if worn in the right way. The above options in nail art work perfectly to make fun and chic nail art designs.

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