Get your Base Right

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Even the best of cosmetic brands can’t make your face look spotless if your base is not right. It’s a make up blunder if base patches and foundation cracks are visible on skin. No blusher, concealer or studio shimmers can hide the usage of cheap foundation or bad application of a good foundation. Never consider concealer as an alternate for your foundation base, it’s meant to “conceal” and foundation is the base of your entire make up. I have seen the so obvious mistakes of not even choosing the right base shade or getting too, that’s unacceptable to a make up artist. You have to get your base right very similar to painter who must usee a plain canvas for the perfect painting. I am aren’t scaring you ladies though be apprehensive about your base and how well it blends with your skin tone, only then all the shimmer, blusher and concealer will look good together. The worries to the dark and medium skin tones will not be solved if you choose a “fair” foundation. Choose a tone only one level up to your natural tone and never look for only light bases, sometimes even the non-ivory or medium brown shades will get you the right studio look. A darker chin area or forehead, uneven cheek coverage, neck base not matching your face or badly concealed dark circles are the only digs that need to be rectified. I swear on the wrist-base test,apply your foundation selections on the wrist area, rub it and let it set; you must check the result in day light and choose the best blended one. It’s simple and you only need to trust your eyes; you’re the best judge of your skin and should be confident about it. Optimally experiment with liquid, powder or mousse bases, only after trying you’ll know what suits your face routine and skin type. Avoid the sunscreen based, lotion based or shimmer based foundation, keep it “only foundation” and never ever go for thick foundations. Use brushes, sponges or even fingers, apply smoothly, evenly and to all visible areas, you should try it, only then you’ll get the best method. For the market, choose international brands like MAC, Becca, Maybelline and Black Opal and never opt for street smart products. Take ample of time to go through all kinds of bases and ask for skin tone cards to get visible differences and blends. Sometimes a single even thin application of foundation summarizes your entire look and glam things up.

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