Glow in the Dark Fashion Trend

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Glow dark fashionThe future is here and it looks like all the technology that’s appeared in movies has made its way through various products. Glow in the dark fashion is the trend fashionistas are following by wearing standout apparels and accessories this season. Not only the glow technology adds fun to the fashion products but it also gives the need of consumers to literally stand out. Glow in the dark garments, handbags, nail polishes, hairbands, shoes, shades, toys and lingerie are all inspired by glowing LED and designers are ensuring that they make a strong visual statement with these fluorescent hues. Glow Clothes: Glow in the dark clothing and accessories are a rage at the moment. The most admired styles in fluorescent colors that glow in the dark, including glowing tops, Tshirts, strapless tube tops, spaghetti strap tanks and glowing dresses are some of the options in this category of clothes that are popular among women as well as kids. Glow Shoes: The glow shoes come in different patterns like the top of the shoe is regular with black straps and the heel which is transparent glows in brilliant colors in red, blue and green as each shoe has LED. They are available in various heel shapes, from wedges to stilettos and also glow in the dark Sneakers in different patterns are very popular. The soul fusion glow shoes give you extra height in the day and you become the light of the party in the evening. These shoe soles glow in bright green or blue by lights that are embedded in the raised platform shoes. Anyone can have fun with these unisex sneakers including kids. Night Glow Glasses: Sun Glasses whose frames glow in the dark have been experiencing rising popularity among the consumers. Glow in the dark party wear sunglasses are amazing and a favorite with cool party goers which not only glow in the dark but also glow all night under black light on the dance floor. Glow Tattoos: Some people always wanted tattoos but were afraid to have them in case the boss objected. But now with the glow in the dark tattoos one can cover the body in art and no one will notice it until dark. The new technique used is black light reactive ink that is reactive to UV light and which glows only in black light. You can surprise your date when at night you start to shine.

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