Gold: A Fashion Favorite

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Gold is an elegant, stylish and chic color and a great choice in fashion for 2014. It can be used in different designs, items, textiles, fabrics and accessories to make the whole look absolutely shine. Gold is a very versatile color and is perfect for jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, headpieces and even makeup. Gold jewelry has been popular in centuries and the metal is one of the most expensive and sought after in the world. The following are ways in which gold can be used in fashion in 2014 to make the ensemble look super stylish and hip. Gold Fashions 2014 •    Gold color formal dresses are super elegant and trendy this year. The red carpet at Hollywood awards functions saw many celebrities wear classic gold dresses. These caught the eye and were some of the best dresses of the awards season in 2014. Long flowing gold dresses with fabulous necklines are in vogue this year. •    When it came to dresses, wearing a full gold dress is in fashion and also wearing a black and gold dress is also trendy. •    Gold is one of the best colors for party wear. Mini gold dresses look fabulous in parties and there are lots of different options to choose from. Little black dresses with gold embellishments are a great choice for party wear. •    If the outfit is simple and plain, adding gold jewelry is a great choice. Gold earrings, gold bracelets or gold necklaces are a great choice. Do not wear too much gold jewelry together as it might look gaudy and tacky. •    Another casual yet party type of outfit is the gold jumpsuit. It looks super chic and also the bling factor makes the outfit catch the eye at a party. •    Capes are totally in fashion this year and adding a golden cape to the outfit will lift it to become super stylish and fashionable. •    Gold is also a great color for nail paint. Just a simple gold coat on the nails is fabulous and this year gold is particularly used for nail art as well. •    A plain and simple dress can be made stylish using a gold belt. A gold belt looks great with white or black outfits but can be matched well with outfits that have colors in it especially color blocked outfits. •    Gold hair ornaments which look very pretty are also very stylish this season. Gold is an elegant choice and if worn well can make the ensemble look hot and stylish this year.

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