Gorgeous Hairstyles This Spring

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Gorgeous HairstyleFashion is ever evolving and trends in fashion are dynamic as they keep changing every fashion season. One of the key aspects of fashion is the hairstyles that are popular in that season. Every year there are different new hairstyles that are adopted by the fashion conscious women all over the world and these hairstyles then become the latest fashions for that season. Top celebrities often follow hairstyle trends and are seen wearing their hair according to the latest trend. The following are some gorgeous hairstyle trends that are popular in 2014: Gorgeous hairstyles: Spring 2014 • Braids are really popular in this fashion season. A braided updo has become really popular this fashion season as it was seen on Hollywood red carpets on awards nights and also worn elegantly by fashion conscious women for formal and semi formal events. • Another popular braid hairstyle is the lose side braid which is again worn very often this season and looks really pretty with casual clothes as well as for parties. • Another beautiful hairstyle for spring is this long bob haircut that look really pretty on women of all ages and is super stylish this spring season. • Straight hair is back in fashion and many women are seen having long hairstyles with straight hair and a middle or side parting. Also a trend that works really well with this style is ombre hair. • Ombre hair means when you color your hair in such a way that the hair color changes from darker shades at the crown to lighter shades at the tip of the hair. So the color changes subtly from the roots of the hair to the tip or ends of the hair. • Long hair hairstyles are also really trendy this fashion season. Slightly wavy hair gives a natural look to the hairstyle and is easy to manage and popular this spring. • Another really trendy hairstyle fashion is the elegant vintage hairstyles which are popular this season. Many women today are adopting hairstyles from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s especially to look different, glamorous and elegant at social events and parties. • The pixie cut hairstyle is really popular and easy to handle. Many women all over the world wear this short hairstyle which is made famous by Hollywood celebrities that have shown off this amazing hairstyle trends. Hairstyles are a very important aspect of fashion and to look stylish and gorgeous it is essential to wear a great hairstyle.

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