Graphic Prints are “In” this Season

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Go bold with this season’s Graphic print trend is the fashion statement for the season. The geometric graphic pattern with bright neon colors is the trend fashion designers are following these days. An effort to create a new look with graphic designs is popular with the fashion conscious women today. The boring plain dresses and outfits are so last season and it is all about cool graphic designs that make the ensemble look cool, prominent and edgy at the same time. The designers have defined their collection with different types of bold graphic designs that are gaining popularity by the day. Once again the bold styles of 60’s are back on the top list of celebrities and many of them have been spotted sporting these looks this fashion season.Graphic prints Spring/Summer 2013 – Trend: Graphic Designs Runway shows of 2013 were booming with graphic and ethnic prints in shocking neon colors, tie-dyes, bleeds and monochromes. Bolder colors, landscape visions, layered floral, ethnic patterns and brushstroke is the story of this seasons fashion trends. It is definitely the season of the print. Among the season’s hottest prints at several fashion weeks, the graphic print is seen everywhere. With theses amazing graphic designs there is a lot of scope for creativity and showing off edgy looks on the runway, red carpet as well as everyday on the streets. There were times when ethnic and tribal prints used to be the signature for boho styling and were considered more suitable for layering, but this season the designers have brought this graphic prints style to the forefront. The good side of these graphic print patterns is that they flatter all body types and the trend has also entered into accessories like shoes, bags, scarf, headbands and dresses. Graphic print is one of the trends you cannot miss out from. It can be applied to both men and women fashions this season. They come in colorful, crazy, vertical, upside down, repeated, psychedelic and combined form of print to suit everyone’s taste and that’s the fun part of graphic prints. Graphic prints are used by designers to create exciting affordable outfits that show your own originality with it. Graphic prints are used for all types of clothes like skirts, tops, pants, dresses and many fashionistas are also sporting amazing graphic designs on their swimwear this summer. So go bold and stylish with Graphic prints this season of 2013.

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