Guide to curvy women to cover up curves-10 points

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Curvy women are considered beautiful in many cultures. However, there is a parallel thought that assumes curves are deterrent to fashion. It is an incorrect concept.

Curvy women can be as fashionable and appealing as anyone else if they dress up wisely.


Curves or no curves, women are God’s best creations. They are talented, intelligent, compassionate. They perform their duties with grace, ease, and dedication, both at home and outside. The world has had great women leaders, who broke all barriers and proved themselves. There is nothing that women cannot do.

If, for some reason, women wish to cover up their curves, here are 10 style-statements that can be effective in achieving that goal:

1) Tight fit dress: There is a popular idea that curvy women should wear loose-fit clothes to hide the curves. On the contrary, they should wear outfits that fit tightly on the upper torso and around the waist. A dress that is fitting on the top and has flairs at the bottom would make them look slimmer.

2) Skirts: Skirts are a great choice for ladies who wish to conceal their curves. It does not reveal the shape of the legs. If one has heavy legs, one may wear various kinds of skirts and pretty wrap-around with appropriate tops, tee shirts, or shirts.

3) Jackets- Curvy women look great in dark-colored tube dresses, teamed up with jackets. Choose from different sizes, patterns, and designs of denim, chord, leather, and cotton jackets of light shades. Fitting dresses with floral prints synchronize well with dark-colored jackets. Jackets of all kinds are smart and successfully hide bulges.

4) Scarf: A scarf around the neck is a brilliant idea for covering up the extra flesh in the upper torso or bosom. Use scarfs of different patterns, colors, fabric, lengths, and breadths. A skater dress or tube frock worn with a scarf looks extremely smart. A scarf can be worn with trousers and tops as well.

5) Solid colors: Solid colors make the body-structure look thinner. Darker shades of blue, grey, brown, red, purple, green, and black are best in making the frame appear slimmer. This is the reason why black is the most favorite color to the over-weight women.

6) Jewelry: Wearing multiple, gaudy, elaborate neck pieces would conceal the broadness and bulge on the upper portion. This is a wise trick that many curvy women adopt to take the attention off the shape and divert it to the jewelry that they wish to flaunt instead.

7) Long dress: Long dresses with frilled hems and narrow straps or haltered straps hide the shape of the body and look rather stylish. However, it must be narrow at the waist or worn with a belt to display the hourglass frame.

8) Off-shoulder, strapless outfits: Flaunting some flesh on the shoulders would make curvy women look gorgeous if they can carry it confidently. Usually, chubby women have glowing skin owing to the fat below the skin. Showing off the buttery, silk-smooth skin is a great way to look appealing. There is nothing that works better than going for strapless attires when it comes to exposing the skin.

9) Short dresses/ shorts/ tights: Chubby women look slimmer when they show off their legs. Even when the legs are broad and so-called out-of-shape, revealing the legs till the thighs often work wonders for women with curves. Short dresses, shorts, or short/medium length tights suit them well and make them look taller, thinner, and irresistible.

10) Makeup, high heels, straight hair: There are 3 attributes that add a lot of appeal to over-weight women:

a)Make-up: Prominent eyes, dark lip-colors, and blushed cheek make them look substantially attractive. Eye make up is very important. They hold the gaze of the onlookers and divert focus from the curves to the face. Smoky eyes are perfect for parties. These women have beautiful skin, hence make-up looks gorgeous on them. Use darker foundations to make the contours of the face prominent. Apply color on the cheeks and paint the lips, and you are ready to take the world by storm.

b)High heels: Wearing high heels would add inches to their heights and balance out the bulges. Curvy women look sensuous in high heel shoes and boots.

c)Straight hair: Curles and too much of waves add volumes to the hair, making the face look broader, rounder, and healthier. Straightened and smoothened hair makes the face appear slimmer and defines the face better, making one look leaner as a whole.

Fashion is not a prerogative given to the shapely women. Every human being is entitled to be fashionable. One simply needs to have a passion for fashion. Develop a sense by reading, seeing, and experimenting more. Stand before the mirror and you would know what suits you best. Try things out and find out what are the things that work best for your personality, shape, and taste.

The single most factor that makes one fashionable is ‘confidence’. Carry your clothes confidently, move around with your head held high. If you have curves, it does not make you any way less than anyone else. You may hide it or flaunt it, the choice is yours and no one else’s headache.

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