Hair products you should never ever use

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Hair is a very important part of a person’s body. Hair tells a lot about your hygiene and your style sense. Females take excessive care of their hair no matter what. They choose the best hair products for their lovely hair and are very conscious about it. But what would you do if you get to know that the products that you have been using for maintaining the health of your hair were actually killing them all this time. Some products are very dangerous and harmful for our hair and they should be avoided at any cost.

Here a few hair products you should never ever use at all costs.

1. Products containing alcohol- You might find alcoholic beverages quite delicious and tasty but your hair don’t feel the same way about them. Products containing alcohol dry up every strand of your hair thus leaving them rough and dry.

2. Products containing silicon- People usually use those products that provide shine to their hair but they are unaware of the fact that the products that claim to bring shine to your hair contain silicone in them which is very bad for your hair. Silicone puts a layer of sheen on your hair which prevents your hair from attaining the nutrients they require so avoid products with silicone.

3. Artificially fragranced products- We like to have a sweet fragrance in our shampoos and conditioners but it is important that you avoid such hair products with artificial fragrance. These products usually contain the most harsh and bad ingredients which are very harmful for your hair and scalp.

4. Super low priced shampoos- These shampoos may be extremely good for your budget but is extremely bad for your hair. They are usually very poor quality shampoos and can rip off all the moisture from your hair.

5. Plastic brushes– It is really important to note and understand that using plastic brushes can lead to a lot of hair breakage and hair fall. Use normal brushes instead of plastic brushes to prevent excess hair fall. Plastic brushes are very hard and so they work very harshly on your hair and scalp. You can even get hurt on your scalp because of their pointed edges.

Hair is very important. Avoid the products that can be harmful for your hair and scalp in anyway. Use the products that provide nutrition and moisture to your hair strands and roots.


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