Hairstyles Popular in 2014

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Start planning your new season makeover hairstyles now as 2014 hair trends include so many gorgeous haircuts for this season. It is hard to choose the best one but we can choose according to the length of hair. Short haircuts will also make you rock this spring. Good news for lazy girls is spring’s biggest trend is laid-back, fuss-free mermaid waves. The more randomly placed and tousled hair the better. You can even create an easy texture by plaiting damp hair before bed. Create loose waves by creating two large braids one on each side before bed. Banish bad hair days by mastering the fashionable ponytail. Achieve spring/summer 2014’s long and straight looks by blow-drying locks rather than straightening hair. Hairstyles on Runways Celebrity hairstyles and designs from fashion shows can be considered for the latest hairstyle trends. There are so many fabulous hairstyles for your inspiration in 2014 which are quite natural and are simple yet very stylish. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Take a look at the most popular hairstyle from 2014 hair trends that have been spotted on the catwalk. This year the wavy hairstyles are even more glamorous and relaxed than previous season’s designs. You will surely look attractive with sleek hairstyle but your femininity and sexuality will be highlighted in the best way with beautiful wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle is almost wet but glossy not greasy. •    Braids are the tress trend that keeps on coming every season and we are not complaining. This season they are either glossy or matte, but are always messy. •    Preppy is having a moment but the trend for the 1930’s inspired boyish comb-over actually oozes confidence and can look super sexy. •    If you are looking for wedding and party hair inspiration, the trend for ethereal, dreamy up dos are in. Take a laidback approach to it for effortless romance. •    Locks are huge for Spring/Summer 2014. They were rougher than beachy waves but soft and sleepy. The key is making this look undone, but well done. •    The 70’s are major for Spring/Summer and the way to tackle the trend is with retro curls. The look has a modern twist with low side partings and they’re completely frizz-free. •    Glossy, nautical waves are the new look for beachy blondes this year. Both clean and wet look textures work and a centre parting look current. •    Bobs have been brewing for multiple seasons but for 2014 they’re edgy. Short fringes and striking colors make up the trends.

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