Headwear Popular this Fashion Season

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Fall is a truly beautiful season. The leaves fall, the temperature drops after the scorching heat of summer and overall the climate becomes very pleasant. Fashion evolves spectacularly this season and there is a drastic change in fashion from summer to fall. In the Fall, there is often a gentle breeze and the temperature is cool, so climate appropriate clothing is necessary this season. Layers are totally in fashion this season and so are head wear that look fashionable and protect the head against the weather. The following are some of the headwear fashions of the season:Popular Headwear Headwear Fashions – Fall 2014 •    Hats are in fashion in Fall 2014. Fashion forward women and celebrities have been seen wearing fashionable hats this year. •    One of the most popular hats of the season is the bowler hat. Various variations of the bowler hat have been seen in fashion this season and darker colors of the fall work perfectly with the bowler hat. This is a great hat for casual wear. Wearing a pair of boots, jeans and t-shirt and a bowler hat looks effortlessly stylish yet casual at the same time. •    Another similar fashion to the bowler hat is the Fedora hat. The Fedora hat looks super cool. There is no other word for it. It is a casual type of hat that can be worn with skirts, high boots, jeans and other stylish casual wear clothing items. •    Fall/Winter is the perfect time of knitted clothing items. Following this theme, the knitted beanie is amazingly trendy this fashion season. You can wear a knitted beanie cap in different colors, though the fashion is just single-colored beanies. Colors popular with beanies include grey, off-white, brown, light pastel colors like pink and also red. •    Continuing the fashion of wearing a beanie, another option is to wear a slouched beanie. This is only for casual wear and is great while just going out to hang out with friends. •    Also in fashion are wide brimmed hats. Top celebrities have been spotted wearing wide-brimmed hats and this a major hat fashion of the season. A wide brimmed hat can give a more elite and dramatic look to the entire outfit. These types of hats are very versatile, give good coverage to the head and are appropriate for a semi-formal event as well as with jeans if worn in the right way. Head wear is an important component of fashion in the Fall and the above are some trendy head wear options for the season.

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